Anil Arjandas & Ela Mois Wedding…

I was privileged to photograph the beautiful Anil Arjandas & Ela Mois Wedding at the incredible Villa Padierna in Marbella.

It was a perfect day with glorious sunshine, synonymous with Marbella of course! The couple looked stunning, with Ela as glamorous as a princess, and Anil looking dapper as he usually does.

They took their vows in a glorious amphitheater with close friends and family watching. For their reception outdoors under the stars, the guest were treated to fine dishes of lobster and beef. Entertainment was provided by an amazing Flamenco band. Ela’s brother also sang a song especially for her, what a great voice he had too!

The stunning 7ft cake, surrounded by fireworks was an incredible sight!

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Anil Arjandas & Ela Mois Wedding was certainly among the most glamorous weddings I’ve photographed.

Anil Arjandas & Ela Mois WeddingAnil Arjandas & Ela Mois Wedding

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I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with contemporary dancer Sidonie Carey-Green. We tried to capture her amazing dance moves in camera using a slow shutter speed, to make the photos more dynamic and interesting. She did most of the hard work, performing some amazing moves, while I sat back and pressed the button! contemporary dancercontemporary dancecontemporary dancercontemporary dancercontemporary dancer

You can check some of Sidonie’s work and projects out here…

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